1. Workin' Fool

From the recording Faith On The Front Lines

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Jeannine here-this is my life, working constantly working hard not working smart until I met Jesus, then everything changed, my music, my heart, my life. Just sharing my story in a country rock way.


Jeannine O'Neal
Tooter Scooter Music BMI

When I was a young girl playin’ sax in school
Nothing used to rock me but music was cool
Jammin’ in bands and playin’ music ‘cross town
Day and night I’m rockin’ right and never comin’ down

Became a workin’ fool
I was a workin’ fool
A workin’ fool
Workin’ hard not too smart
Can’t build a future as a fool

Thought I was wise’n up one day when I was twenty two
‘til I lost my best friend to drugs he thought it was cool
I screamed into the night playin’ music real loud
Lost my heart so I ran from every crowd

Years went by and tears I cried
Wastin’ such precious time
Then I met a guy who looked me in the eye
He said I got a future for you

Now I got a future and my hope is life
I know who my savior is His name is Jesus Christ
No more sad stories life can’t kick me around
‘cause my future is the Lords and I can still get down

But I am workin’ smooth
No more a workin’ fool
I am workin’ smooth
Workin’ for Jesus Christ
Tellin’ ‘bout a future for you