2020 Who would have ever thought we would be in this mess however, we need love we need God, we need compassion and a tender heart towards each other. 


Hi everyone 

Good Day Today Monday 10/16/17 

Well, it's a good day when you get to have a bit of fun and create music. A bit of heaven on earth. Just posted and put up a song I did live at Cathedral Of Faith called I Love You Lord. I'm on sax, Tom Tomasello on keys, Joey Flores on drums and Scott Clay on bass. Love this band I get to work with each week. Such incredibly talented musicians. 

Happy Sunday 

Playing at Cathedral Of Faith we are gearing up for Easter and each weekend will be a production. 
Here's a couple picks of the band pit. Love this band!!!

Debut Healing For All at Women's Aglow San Jose Ca 

The concert was a huge success at the Women's Aglow meeting!!! I lead worship then went into the program on the power and authority of Jesus in healing, how He can carry you through the circumstances and much more.  Funny thing for years I was terrified of public speaking and now God has me doing it quite a bit. Only He could do that! There were so many people in need of healing in emotions, sickness, finances and Spiritual. Had a beautiful time of prayer. We sold a lot of CD's and I noticed they bought extras for their friends who are sick. I couldn't ask for a better concert debut of a CD. Much support there from the Women's Aglow in San Jose, Ca. 

which is a sign people liked the music. Many bought extra ones to give to their friends who are sick. Very excited about the reaction to the songs. Since the album Healing For All had some big band rock country it seemed they enjoyed the many styles. Then the album goes into worship and the Spirit moved in healing. It was a great and exciting morning. 

Healing For All 

Yahoo happy dance right now!!! Just finished Healing For All album. I'm so excited. Lots of original songs all targeted to the healing power of Jesus. Healed, There Is Healing, Shout It To The World, I Am Healed, Healing In This Place, Healing For All and the familiar song Holy Spirit Rain Down, and a Healing Prayers included in the cd are healing Scriptures and affirmations. I read the Word and give you affirmations to make the Word medicine. Take it, speak it, claim it make it yours and the have faith in the Lord. It will be up on the website really soon. Please help support this new album and remember that each album sold helps feed the needy. Thank you Blessings Jeannine

Wow am I blessed 

Every Wednesday I get to play my guitar for Jesus at Cathedral Of Faith.  Can I say that it's an honor and privilege I don't take lightly. Plus, it's a blast with such a great band with Tom Tomasello on keys, Scott Clay on bass and Joey Jam Flores on drums and me with the blue bomber guitar. This is Tom Tomasello this was at Christmas time but you get the idea??

Still Updating new website 

This is quite a job getting everything over to this new site. I forgot how big the other one was. 
Got a lot of new ideas and going to shoot to get this new Healing album completed. 

Things are Rolling Now 

Been in the studio finishing up a complete healing album. There will be 
some kicking Praise followed by music to worship and claim healing
in all areas of life through Jesus. Coming soon in Feb. 2017
All excited about that. 
Also, just kicked off a new year with Power In Praise, a Praise and worship
night each month at Cathedral Of Faith. We did an acoustic set this time, 
totally unplugged acoustic guitar and vocals. Left to Right: The Power In Praise Team: Dannielle Galvan, Lucy Enriquez, Jeannine O'Neal & Lynda Horn

Newbie to Bandzoogle 

Ok, I admit I'm a newbie here with this new website. It's all cool. Will get the music up and running. I'm excited about this new journey
always learning always growing always excited about the "NEW"  So each day is a new journey, some good, some not so good
whatever, it's a journey. God is good! So today was a good start on this site. Tomorrow will be better as I learn more. So, here we go!!