Raiznhavoc is psychodelic/rock music with the emphasis on the 
need for faith when everything around you is crazy. 
The mood captivates and rocks hard

Catfish On A Stick is like a good stew with many ingredients to choose from. It’s a different kind of band with a different kind of music. If you love country, western swing, a touch of Latin, some jazz/small big band swing, commercial pop, Andrew Sisters vocals, saxophone instrumentals, funny oddball stuff, pedal steel guitar by the pedal steel hall of fame musician Bobby Black who doubled on dobro as well, real trumpets by Bruce Haag (who actually worked with Elvis Presley, live) & Ray Nordahl (a well known San Francisco Bay Area Dixieland and jazz player), piano by an extremely talented musician and all around great guy Tom Tomasello and our own Mr. Groove Steve Pefley who participated on drums on one of the songs and the band anchored by a female musician Jeannine O'Neal who plays the saxophone, guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, vocals, special effects and arranges the music. All of the music is played by a real person not a machine. We take pride in that fact. Please take a listen and have fun with it. Please don’t take anything super serious (we don’t), it’s meant to be fun uplifting music for all.