From the recording Another Little Taste Of Heaven

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On The Third day is a pop rock ballad written by Jeannine about the resurrection of Jesus. It's a powerful song about how He rose on the third day taking death from the hands of Satan and putting on Him. How He gave His life for us. If we believe in Him, we'll have an eternity full of love.


On The Third Day
Jeannine O'Neal
Tooter Scooter Music BMI

The soldiers took Jesus to Golgotha
And nailed Him to the cross
They gambled for a piece of His clothes
To them, there was no loss

It was about nine in the morning
When they nailed Him to the cross
A sign read, “This is the King of the Jews”
He paid the price and knew the cost

But on the third day
He rose again
Taking death from the hands of Satan
And putting it on Him

And on the third day
If we believe He is the Son of God
He’ll give us everlasting life
An eternity full of love

People who passed by Jesus
Laughed and mocked Him
Beaten and badly broken
Only love came from within

The stone that the builders rejected
Has now become the cornerstone
Jesus is the rock of our salvation
His life for our own